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Cleaning Supplies

"I think I might be allergic to the Clorox Green Works toilet bowl cleaner. I used it for the first time last week at XXXXX's and immediately afterward my arms broke out into hives. I can't say for sure that is what it was but that's the only thing that was noticeably different from that day."

Attention Regular Clients!

Because we are reducing auto expense and aggravation, we are now requesting that everyone keep supplies and equipment on site. This way our crews can take bicycles or public transportation to all cleanings. This is due to rising gas prices, parking issues and most importantly our concern for our carbon footprint on the environment. It's also less labor-intensive for our crew.

In case you need to purchase supplies, here is a list of suggested products for our use. Whatever you buy, please getÊquality stuff that you won't have to replace for a long time = less landfill and saves money in the long run.



Vacuum - the lighter the better - we like Oreck (built to last & less back strain) but any will do.
Broom, dustpan, sponge mop - we like Libman or something with same/better quality - get extra mop head.
Bucket (we prefer one on wheels if you have a large place)
Microfiber mop - we like Bona Kemi (sold at Ace, Restoration Hardware, & various online), but Libman and other companies make decent ones. Be sure to get a refill/replacement mop head/cloth.
Spray bottles - 2 or 3 empty trigger spray bottles.
Lambswool duster - Oreck sells well-made ones.
Rags - old washcloths are great, microfiber are good for dusting, flour sack or old dish towels for glass/mirrors, t-shirts for stainless steel.
Toilet bowl brush - for each bathroom
Scrub brush (for showers or floors)
Step ladder if needed
Hand Vac or hose attachment if needed.


Cleaning Products

We bring essential oils and flowers.
For $25, we can bring a kit of cleaning products to keep at your home.
If you prefer to purchase your own, here are some suggestions.


You can't go wrong with any of the following brands:

Sun and Earth (local)
Seventh Generation
Earth Friendly
Mrs. Meyers
Bon Ami
AFM Safecoat


White Vinegar - keep a gallon on hand.
Floor soap - castile works great but we really like Ecover's Floor Soap made with linseed oil.
Glass cleaner - we like Sun & Earth but vinegar also works great.
All-purpose cleaner - we like Sun & Earth.
Toilet bowl cleaner - we like Ecover or Seventh Generation but all-purpose also works.
Scouring cleaner - Ecover or Earth Friendly cream scrubs are good, as is Bon Ami powder. Baking soda is also great, just takes a little extra effort/time.
Stainless steel cleaner if needed. Howard Naturals is great but there are others like Mrs. Meyers and Method.
Furniture Polish - if needed. Most furniture is best treated with a damp or dry cloth but if it needs extra shine, Earth Friendly makes a nice olive oil polish. We usually use essential oils with water/mist.
Other - any special cleaners for marble, linoleum, carpet, upholstery, etc. Bioclean, Howard Naturals and Mrs. Meyers often make specialized cleaners, as do many manufacturers of the products like Marmoleum and the like.

You can get most of these cleaners at local health food, eco home improvement and some grocery stores. Failing that, you can get them all online. FYI - Sun and Earth sells in bulk to reduce costs and pollution.


Please contact us if you have further questions.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Send us an email by clicking here.



We use the following quality cleaning products:

Sun & Earth        Seventh Generation
SBN Co-Op America B Corporation
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