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Commercial Cleaning

We offer general cleaning services for commercial and office spaces. Flexible 30-day contracts are available for regular service and we also offer one-time cleanings.

Tasks may include:
-Floors: sweep, vacuum, wet or damp mop, shake or vacuum rugs, scrub tile where necessary.
-Shelves and Counters: Dust with lambswool duster, wet cloth or dry microfiber cloth.
-Desks: Light dust surface, computer equipment, monitors. Wipe keyboards and phones.
-Bathrooms: scrub toilets and sinks. Wipe counters, shelves and fixtures.
-Common areas: Dust, tidy, magazines, books, general clutter.
-Kitchenettes: Scrub sinks, wipe counters, exterior and interior appliances and exterior cabinets.
-Waste: Remove all trash and recycling to provided disposal bins.
-Windows and Mirrors: clean all interior glass and windows.
-Walls: Remove cobwebs, dust vents, fixtures, art and dŽcor.

Contracted clients provide equipment and supplies. Regular services for Philadelphia and Camden County, NJ, though we may do one-time cleanings in surrounding areas with a minimum hour requirement. We are bonded and insured. For more information, email us at or call 856.337.0091




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