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We'd like to let you know a few basics about cleanings with us so here are a few FAQs.


Does green cleaning do the same job as using conventional products?
NO! Green cleaning gets it clean without killing you or all nature's little creatures. It doesn't make you cough or gag, either. As far as effectively cleaning, doing it with green products is highly effective. The chemicals in conventional products will hurt you more than the germs will. Our bodies need natural challenges rather than synthetic chemicals that load our systems. The best way to clean is always using soap and hot water. We can use other methods beyond that, when requested - short of nuking, we use anything from lemon juice, lavender and tea tree oil to disinfect. Occasionally it might take a little extra elbow grease, but we're smart and know how to effectively work it.

Do you supply all the equipment and products?
Only for the first cleaning if you don't have supplies already. However, we now ask our regular clients to have all the necessary equipment and supplies on site. Our reason is primarily that we encourage our cleaners to use public transportation or foot-power as much as possible to reduce our "carbon footprint" - as well as reduce the cost of transportation and parking. It's also much better for our backs. You can take a look at our list of suggested items to see what we suggest you have on hand. For your convenience, we can also bring a kit of cleaning products for $25 to leave at your place.

Do you clean under furniture?
We pick up items under 20#, provided there isn't an excessive amount of objects on the floor. We can clean under heavier furniture when requested, so long as we can slide it or get beneath it without moving it.

Do you clean in high places?
Our crews may not go over a couple rungs of a ladder. However, we do have extension tools for dusting.

Do you mind pets?
No, we love pets. We just like to know beforehand so that we don't send in cleaners with allergies. If there are dogs or hogs, we ask that they either are friendly or caged. Same goes with tarantulas, bison and lemurs -- et al.

Does someone need to be home when you clean?
No. We just need to get in. You can either arrange to get us a key, leave one under your mat or in a lockbox or with a neighbor. Or, you can arrange for a friend to let us in. We just prefer to have a priority list for a first-time cleaning. If we don't know the exact amount of time we'll be there, we ask that you either be there at the end or let us know before the cleaning. If we cannot get access to your home or it it is armed without us having an access code, we consider that a cancellation and 50% of the scheduled cleaning fee will be charged to you.

Are you usually on time if I need to meet you?
It's the nature of the cleaning business, as all service work, that appointments are difficult to keep to the minute. We ask that you give us about a half hour leeway for the cleanings. Our crews can get caught in traffic or might have a previous cleaning that suddenly requires more attention and any number of human-related delays. We try our best to be right on time or give a call if we're running late. It helps keep the jobs much less stressful and run more smoothly when our clients understand this. If you're running late, please give us a call on our cell number (provided at the time of scheduling) and we'll be happy to wait a few minutes for you.

How do we pay you?
We like to be paid at the time of service. You can pay in cash or with a check made out to Organic Home. You may also pay online via our website, though there is a small fee for that. For commercial accounts, we invoice at the beginning of the cleaning period, usually monthly.

What do I need to know about the first cleaning?
First cleanings usually take a little longer than regular cleanings because we like to get things up to par. They're usually not deep cleanings (unless requested) but we get general things that are obviously in need of attention. This includes dusting baseboards, windowsills, ceiling fixtures, wiping exterior cabinets, vacuuming edges of rooms and furniture, etc. This way, it's easier for us to maintain regular cleanings, getting each of these things as needed. We encourage clients to give us a priority list for the first (and subsequent) cleanings and cap the amount if cost or time is an issue.

Should we worry about our valuables?
We are all bonded and insured and our crews are carefully picked for their respect and thoughtfulness. However, sometimes accidents happen and items occasionally get broken. We encourage you to safely store your valuables and items that are irreplaceable and tell us which items we should keep an eye out for (things that are already broken or easily damaged). We reserve the right, as well, to not clean certain fragile items or the areas around them that may seem precarious. We are not responsible for faulty items or items that have not been properly installed or treated. If you discover something broken by our crews, please let us know within a 2-day period.

What about clutter?
We generally don't clean under excessive clutter unless specifically requested. Same with straightening clutter unless it's necessary to reach a general area like the middle of a floor or to clean a sink or tub, etc. We will not move papers around on desks and in work areas. If there is an occasion wherein a regular client wishes us to pick up more clutter than in our usual scheduled cleaning with them, we do ask that they compensate us for the extra time it might take.

Is there a way to make the cleanings more affordable?
Sure - you can straighten up clutter, pick things up off the floors, clear counter spaces or furniture surfaces, empty sinks, take out the trash, pick up rugs, take sheets off the bed, anything that makes it easier for us to come in & rock it out in less time. Also, some clients like us to alternate floors or rooms with each cleaning - for example, one week we clean floors 1 & 2, the next week we clean floors 3 & 4 (but get the kitchen, stairs & hallways every time). Or, we can do a deeper cleaning every other visit. Some clients just want help with kitchen & bathrooms every week or floors and bathrooms only. We're very flexible and willing to work with you. We do have a one-hour minimum, however.

Can we add on items to our regular service?
Absolutely. If it's a task that should only take a couple minutes, just leave us a note. If it's something that may take more than that, please let us know ahead of time by sending us an email or leaving a phone message. This way we can be sure to schedule enough time to honor your request without running behind to the next cleaning - and we'll be able to tell you ahead of time how much extra it might cost. If you want an occasional deep cleaning in addition to regular service, we charge our hourly rate with a discount based on the frequency of your regular cleanings - anywhere from 5%-20% off the total.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please let us know as soon as possible if you must cancel a cleaning. We ask for at least a 24-hour notice. In the event that you cancel under a 24-hour period, we charge 50% of the scheduled cleaning fee.

Do we tip the crew?
It is not required but if you're pleased with the job, please feel free to encourage the crew with a tip. If you decide to include gratuity, please do so in cash.

How can we help support your business?
Aside from letting us know how happy you are with us (which we always love to hear!), you can tell your friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues about us (we do offer a $10 discount for referrals) Ð or buy a gift certificate to spread the joy. You may also contact the media, nominate or vote for us in "Best of" for South Jersey or Philadelphia. Suggest our services on Angie's List web site or write a testimonial for our website.

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