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Organizing Services

"I would recommend Organic Home to anyone looking for highly competent and environmentally conscious guidance and realization of your organizational needs."

Moorestown, NJ

Save yourself time, money and mental anguish by letting me help you streamline your home or workspace. Most of my clients exclaim how clearly organizing improves their quality of life & positively affects other people or family in their lives.

What’s different about my service is that I’m committed to making lasting results for you, not enforcing someone else’s organizational structure onto you when it may not be the best thing for your personality or situation. I’ll work with you to approach projects you’ve been avoiding and get you on a roll. Or, if you want to gain an overall perspective of your situation, I can offer guidelines to better define and pursue your ultimate goals and get you on a path that’s right for you.

I problem-solve anything from clutter and storage issues to daily routines, appointments, finances, and a number of home or office systems. I help with 'downsizing' for retirement or get things in order for expanding families. For home sale and move preparation, I help with packing and planning as well as handle prioritizing and orchestrating repairs, home improvements and moving arrangements. For your new place, I’ll get you started out right by helping you set up your space efficiently & greenly, of course. I also offer sensitive help sorting a deceased loved one's possessions and can assist moving forward with related tasks.

There are usually two ways I can help: 1. personally assisting you doing the work itself and 2. consultation wherein I assess your situation and give you suggestions to move ahead on your own or with coaching.

General targeted areas:

Living or Work Space Organizing
Identify areas in need & implement systems to reduce chaos
'De-clutter' - identify & remove unnecessary or burdensome stuff
Solve storage problems
Create areas for specific tasks
Address areas for 'greening'
Streamline rooms for optimal use
Improve accessibility to stored items
Solve aesthetic problems by re-arrangement and decoration


Life Management
Identify areas in need of improved efficiency or simplicity
Sort neglected papers and old mail
Create filing systems
Implement bill-paying system
Assist in improving credit
Assist with Internet transactions such as auto-pay, web pages, email accounts
Streamline scheduling and appointments
Compile critical information
Photo-document property and valuables for insurance purposes
Itemize expenditures for tax preparation
Update, organize, back-up, and maintain computer systems
Assist with career planning and job search
Assist with letter-writing and document composition
Locate professional help such as attorneys, accountants, doctors, and financial advisors


Seniors and Disabled Individuals
Assist with relocation
Structure schedule
Bill payment management - statement & invoice review and check preparation
Record keeping, including checkbook balancing
Assistance with form preparation
Establish budget
Design space or daily routines according to physical or medical need
Locate & arrange for attorneys, accountants, doctors, or financial advisors
Locate & arrange for visiting nurses or companions


Home Relocation
Sort items for saving or removal
Pack boxes for moving or storage
Home staging - decorate seller's home for curb appeal
Identify projects and repairs to prepare for sale
Schedule/arrange repairs or improvements
Schedule/arrange for movers
Prepare or conduct estate sale
Arrange and drop off donations to non-profits
Compile necessary documents for mortgage or sale
Assist in preparation of property settlements


About me:

I’m Devon Saker, owner and co-founder of Organic Home. I’ve worked for about 10 years as an organizing consultant all over the U.S. I’ve helped people of all ages, people with emotional, mental or physical challenges - from clinical depression and ADD to Parkinson's disease and those who have recently lost a loved one. Most often, I help those who are just too busy or overwhelmed to do it themselves. As for style, I lean toward a natural and holistic method, incorporating the big picture into specific areas of focus. I employ a “gentle pressure” in my approach to help people make sense of their space. Being more empathic than militant, I try to keep my client’s personality in mind when moving forward since no two clients are alike.

Hands-on organizing is available anywhere I can travel but I also offer phone and Skype coaching. Your privacy will be protected as I maintain the highest level of confidence. Call or email me for more information & pricing.

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