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A team of two people will come and thoroughly clean your home or office. We'll supply the non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agents, as well as treat your space with aromatherapy and fresh flowers.

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Organic Home LLC helps you develop & implement sustainable organizational systems for personal and professional lives. Often people are overwhelmed with their environments, whether external or internal in origin &/or perpetuation. We specialize in analyzing situations and presenting optional resolutions, advising and working with clients to optimize and sustain efficiency. This in turn serves to increase quality of life by not only reducing stress, but also by providing a better opportunity to pursue ultimate goals.

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Let us help you improve your home or office by re-working what you have, decorating or designing with healthy, sustainable materials.

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We'll meet with you at your home or office and address your concerns about your lifestyle. We'll advise on sustainability, or "green," options. These include but are not limited to recycling, green products, buying and cooking foods, health, community, design, energy, clothes, socially responsible investing, volunteering or charity, and simple day-to-day streamlining. After our initial consultation, we'll work on a lifestyle plan and provide you a printed resource guide tailored to your needs. This service works ideally in conjunction with our organizing and design services but can be of great benefit alone when our clients are self-motivated to put their green intentions in action.

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