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Who We Are


Hassen, Owner and Co-founder


In 2006, I began this business because I believe in the power of independent, conscious business to green the marketplace. I also believe in empowering people and communities to improve their quality of life. In addition to running Organic Home, I’m a published poet and multimedia artist, producing and directing short videos on social and sustainable topics, among other projects. I also run a social media network,, online. I have served as a Director on the Board of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and I currently serve on the Board of the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association..


Brian, Cleaning Agent


A Jersey native, Brian is a no-frills kind of guy - one who has nothing but good will for the world. He plays guitar, studies history & sociology at Temple U, and rides his bike a lot. It's a very nice purple bike.


Dale, Cleaning Agent


Dale was born in the Philippines and moved to New Jersey at the age of four. He enjoys ADVENTURES, FOOD, ART and above all MUSIC. A simple kid that is very easy to get along with and is often referred to as a little ball of energy because he's always on the go with often no direction but he likes it that way. Life is one big lovely adventure to embrace. "To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go." Mary Oliver


Jeanny, Cleaning Agent


Besides doing organic cleaning and Medical Interpreter (Bahasa Indonesia), I do painting in my leisure, doing nature and figure work. I find joy and relaxation in reading and in having tapas or dim sum with good company (with Hawaiian music on the background?)


Justin, Cleaning Agent


Handyman, musician, all around great guy.


Jared, Cleaning Agent


Food snob, health snot, body worker. Talented bodyworker -


Joe, Cleaning Agent

In 2011, at the behest of a lady he much admired, Joe packed his burgundy Corolla with everything he owned and drove to Philadelphia. He has not looked back since. He also hopes you have a great day.


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